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Gas Fireplace Advantages And Disadvantages

Noteworthy Gas Fireplace Advantages And Disadvantages
Are your searching for a gas fireplace? Read on to know all you need to know so you can choose the right model for your home.  Among the top amenities for homeowners are fireplaces. According to […]

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How To Match Your Fireplace To Your Decor

Matching Your Fireplace to Your Lifestyle and Décor
Nothing makes a cold winter night better like gathering around a fire with your family and friends. The fireplace warmth and the scent of burning wood make for a cozy ambiance, anytime […]

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CAUTION: The Importance Of Chimney Repairs

Why Chimney Repairs Matter
No one can deny how inviting a roaring fire is in the fireplace, especially on a cold winter’s day. But, this coziest part of your home can also be the most dangerous. To keep your family safe […]

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8 Fireplace Safety Tips Before You Spark Up the Logs

8 Fireplace Safety Tips

Due to the rise of the price of natural gas and propane, old fireplaces have become a savior from high home-heating bills this winter. Still, before you light up the logs, be careful that fireplaces and chimneys […]

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5 Questions To Ask Every Chimney Sweep You Hire

5 top questions to ask your chimney sweep
When cold air comes, generally homeowners start lighting up the fireplaces using their wood stoves and furnaces.  But how many of these homeowners do not have a regular chimney inspection or cleaning maintenance […]

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6 Tips to Fix Chimney Drafting Problems

Understanding Your Chimney and Fixing Your Drafting Problems
Understanding the development of a problem would help a lot in fixing it. The way chimneys work may include some confusing technical explanations. A simple draft problem can become the cause of a […]

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8 Amazing Different Types and Shapes of Chimneys

Chimneys are a beautiful part of your home in our opinion.  The shape and size of a chimney affects both its functionality as well as its aesthetic design.  Chimneys usually climb higher than the rest of the house.  For this […]

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3 Chimney Liner Tips and Tricks!

Chimney Liner Repair and Updates
Did you know that one of the most critical components of your fireplace’s operating system is the chimney liner?  It is designed to perform a safe expel of the hot flue gases into the outer atmosphere. The […]

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How To Repair Your Firebox and Update Your Fireplace

You may be informed one day that you will have to repair your firebox. A professional chimney sweep will tell you how unsafe it is to use a fireplace without a sound firebox. You will have to take immediate action. […]

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