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CAUTION: The Importance Of Chimney Repairs

Why Chimney Repairs Matter
No one can deny how inviting a roaring fire is in the fireplace, especially on a cold winter’s day. But, this coziest part of your home can also be the most dangerous. To keep your family safe […]

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6 Tips to Fix Chimney Drafting Problems

Understanding Your Chimney and Fixing Your Drafting Problems
Understanding the development of a problem would help a lot in fixing it. The way chimneys work may include some confusing technical explanations. A simple draft problem can become the cause of a […]

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8 Amazing Different Types and Shapes of Chimneys

Chimneys are a beautiful part of your home in our opinion.  The shape and size of a chimney affects both its functionality as well as its aesthetic design.  Chimneys usually climb higher than the rest of the house.  For this […]

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