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How To Match Your Fireplace To Your Decor

Matching Your Fireplace to Your Lifestyle and Décor
Nothing makes a cold winter night better like gathering around a fire with your family and friends. The fireplace warmth and the scent of burning wood make for a cozy ambiance, anytime […]

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8 Fireplace Safety Tips Before You Spark Up the Logs

8 Fireplace Safety Tips

Due to the rise of the price of natural gas and propane, old fireplaces have become a savior from high home-heating bills this winter. Still, before you light up the logs, be careful that fireplaces and chimneys […]

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How to Clean Fireplace Soot (the right way!)

Cleaning fireplace soot may be difficult, especially because it spreads easily and stains can set quick.  Removing soot and ash from the inner surfaces of a fireplace requires care and the right cleaners.  Fireplaces are usually the center piece to a […]

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5 Surefire Ways To Clean A Brick Fireplace

Having a brick fireplace will require a clean-up at some point. Smoke, soot, and dirty hands will definitely leave their mark. Over time, fireplaces will demand scrubbing. There are several cleaning options available and if it has been a […]

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5 Tips To Repair Any Brick And Stone Fireplace

It is probable that one of the loveliest things to have in a house is a fireplace. However, whenever a fireplace needs repairs, it might turn out to be a nightmare.  A fireplace repair is not an easy thing to […]

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5 Ways to choose the best fireplace for your home.

During winter, cold temperatures become invasive forcing you to bundle in endless layers. But going through winter in a warm and cozy setup calls for the existence of a fireplace. Nothing can truly compete with sipping wine and being soothed […]

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