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Chimney Liners, Chimney Installation | MTM Masonry and Chimney

Chimney Stainless Steel Liner Installation New Haven#1 Chimney Liners and Chimney Liner Installation

We are your trusted experts for chimney liners and chimney liner installation. We have been doing chimney liner installation for a whopping 23 years!  We are A+ rated with the Better Business Bureau and you can check our reviews on all the major review sites.  We only use the highest quality,  stainless steel chimney liners, flue liners, chimney caps another chimney products built to last.




What does the chimney liner cost?

Some factors that affect the costs are going to be the size, shape and condition of your existing chimney.  if your chimney is in a poor state of condition you may need some minor repairs for we can do the chimney lining installation. This is not always the case so do not worry.


What is the typical chimney liner installation cost?

Factors that affect the chimney liner installation price will be if you have a taller chimney with bends or if your chimney is short and straight.  We can meet or beat any price of our competitors.


What does my chimney liner do?

Your chimney liner contains the smoke and prevents it from leaking into your chimney structure or your living area. Chimney liners are very important for your health and you want to make sure that the installation is done by a professional that is licensed, bonded and insured.  MTM Masonry and Chimney has all proper licensing.


Can I hold off installing my chimney liner?

You should take care of it quickly.  Because your chimney liner does contain smoke that can leak into your living areas from your chimney it is strongly advised you take care of it as quickly as possible.  We will give you a free estimate and consultation.