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How To Match Your Fireplace To Your Decor

Matching Your Fireplace to Your Lifestyle and Décor

Nothing makes a cold winter night better like gathering around a fire with your family and friends. The fireplace warmth and the scent of burning wood make for a cozy ambiance, anytime anywhere. Fireplaces are great for spending the evening around while you enjoy the company of your loved one.
Almost every house plan has a fireplace incorporated into its design. The homeowners’ desire for both warmth and a glowing fire is accommodated. Usually, fireplaces are present in the great room, although you can also find them in the dining rooms, the open kitchen spaces, the master suites, and even outdoor living spaces.
Fireplaces provide heat and light. They make the room look beautiful and they are a great comfortable place for family and friends to gather around. This makes the importance of having the right fireplace design high.

To have the fireplace as a positive element rather than just an eye sore element in your house, you should choose the right design and product. There are many fireplaces designs. However, no matter what is your style or your personal preference, you can always find the right design for you. Before you pick a fireplace, there are many things that you should consider. These points will limit your choices until you find the right one. Your decision should be made according to the heating functionality of the fireplace as well as the overall aesthetic of the fireplace within the room.

Fireplace Designs And Maintenance

First of all, you will have to decide the type of fireplaces that is right for you and for your family. You should know if the unit is going to be the primary source of heat or it is going to be used just for decorative purposes. Do you consider the ease of use and maintenance a priority? You should also know what kind of fuel you prefer. These things that you will definitely consider before buying will help you decide if you like an electric, a gas, or a wood burning fireplace.
Gas fireplaces are becoming more and more popular because they are way more affordable to build than the wood burning fireplaces that need a chimney built of masonry. The pre-fabricated metal units are actually taking over the marketplace just for their cost. Some of the leading pre-fabricated manufacturers include Heatilator, Heat & Glo, Lennox Hearth Products, and Quadra-Fire.

What makes gas fireplaces highly appealing is that they provide radiant heat as well as a hearth flame without having to burn wood and deal with its inconvenience. There are various sizes and aesthetic choices in gas fireplaces. Venting is also more flexible (because of inserts, direct-vent, and vent-free models) than what is offered by the wood-burning fireplaces. Your gas fireplace should be of the highest efficiency rating, that is AFUE (Annual Fuel Utilization Rating).
The electric fireplaces come out of a box. You will not need to choose any construction materials or dimensions. The fireplace will come constructed. They are smaller in size which makes them a great choice for smaller rooms.
If you want a wood-burning fireplace, then you should consider construction materials with care. The most common choice if the brick fireplaces since brick doesn’t show smoke stains. Another common material is stone. There is a wide variety of stone like limestone, marble, slate, or ceramic tile. Because of the cost, many homeowners are using stone veneer from companies such as Eldorado Stone, and Cultured Stone. A light color is not recommended is you want to use the fireplace often.  If the theme of your room has been already decided, then you can look for fireplaces with complimentary accents such as stone, tile, woodworking, and brick. Choosing a mantle is a great way to match it to your room’s décor. You can add some decorative touches such as mirrors, flower, statues, or artwork to complement your theme.

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