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Ice Dam Removal

Ice Dam removal Services SeymourIce dams are one of the most common factors in structural damage and mold to a home in the winter months.  When not property tended to, melting winter ice and snow can cause damage to your pipes, vents, skylights and more.  An ice dam forms due to the build up of ice and snow in your gutters and on your roof.  The buildup leaves no place for any melting ice to go.
This causes it to migrate to any flaws on your roof or structure.  Even the smallest imperfection, such as a nail hole can cause the melted ice to flow into your home at a very fast rate.  Many times since the water flows in Ice Dam removal Services Thomastonthrough a flaw in the roof, the damage begins in your attic, which is a place a homeowner rarely looks.  Let us help prevent winter water damage by safely and properly removing ice dams.  Call us now to schedule an appointment 860-620-7791 or 203-758-6811