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Why Hire A Chimney Sweep?

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So easily overlooked, your chimney is an area of your home that does require attention and regular maintenance.  It can be quite expensive to repair a chimney, keeping up on regular maintenance and cleaning will prolong the life of your chimney.
Routine maintenance will keep your chimney functioning properly.  Using your fireplace will cause your chimney to build up an excess of creosote, and debris which can cause a chimney fire.  Keep in mind that creosote is highly flammable, so even a small amount of buildup is dangerous.  Creosote, along with branches and leaves and animals that can fall into your chimney, can be a dangerous fire combination.

In addition to proper function, regular cleaning will prevent potential odor problems.  All of the buildup that can form in your chimney will inevitable cause foul odors down into your home.   Everything from water, to deceased animals will cause a nasty odor that nobody wants in their home.
Remember – it is important that you have a professional preform a chimney inspection.  The right person, with a trained eye and experience in these matters can diagnose all of the trouble areas that your chimney can potentially have.  Call us for a free no obligation quote at 203-758-6811 or 860-620-7791